LG DR787T in the trash

Update! I have upload the firmware files on FileDen (never used it before, someone suggested it though - thanks Alex!). The firmware can be found at: http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/26/2621437/lgdr787tupdatefile.zip. Happy downloading, and I hope your player has a longer life than mine!

For those following the LG DR787T saga, I have recently thrown my unit away. It wouldn't read anything, so I decided to go buy a $30 DVD player (which, by the way, is working wonderfully).

Yes, I still have the firmware files. For those of you who want to try to fix your units and need the files, feel free to send me an email. I am thinking about uploading them to a free hosting site somewhere, but unless the demand increases it just wouldn't be worth the time to set it up. I have set up an account, see the above update for a link!

It amazes me that a DVD player would work one day, and the next day stop working. Why? Poor manufacturing? Bad luck? My dog peed on it without me noticing?

I tried taking it apart to see if I could dust stuff off, clean the laser, etc. but it didn't help. Oh well.


For said…
I have TWO of those damn LG DVDRs. One worked so well for some time that I bought a second.
Then after a few months more, they both started misfiring; not recording properly, not 'finishing' writing files to the discs, etc, etc....
Tried opening one of them up to clean LED lens, after a disc lens cleaner did nothing to improve functions. Same old, same old.
I just tried the firmware update, even though it was not an update for my rig, just re-wrote existing firmware... heck, I figured it couldn't hurt.
Did both updates. Tried NEW DVD-RW disc, formatted as such. Set up a couple timer recordings on SP. First one fired off, no problem (2 minute recording); second set for three minutes later fired up and 'read' the DVD for about 5 minutes until I forced it to power off.
The first recording did show up and played back. I've now set up a few more recordings of various lengths on LP with 5 minute gaps between....
We shall see. I'll try and stop back later to let ya know.
If nothing else, I've got two good DTV converter boxes outta the deal... that may - or may not - actually play DVDs/CDs....
- John S
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