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Linux is going to replace Windows. For me, at least. No more crashes, no more slow load times, no more Windows. Moving on to better things. Like Fedora Core 5 - it rocks. Update 2

Okay, so I got screwed by

Two of my books were sold to me by people who have since closed their accounts, and have not shipped books out to at least 5 or so people each (I know this by reading the feedback that started about September 1st or so, people saying "I haven't received my book yet").

Luckily, I should get my money back because is owned by ebay, and they have a money back guarantee thing. Cause otherwise I would be very mad.

I'm mad as it is, cause now I need to buy them again and I won't get them for another week. I went practically a month without having books.

Stupid Update

So a followup on is necessary here. I am a little disgruntled right now, because I didn't realize until after I bought my books that the estimated shipping period is 7-21 days. I bought my books in the early 20s of August, and I still don't have half of them. School has started, I have reading assignments, and no books.

I suppose a lesson to be learned is if you are going to buy books from you should order them in early August. No later than the 7th, pretty much.

Can't beat the price, though.

The Curse that is Resnet

Today I was blessed to be reminded why I am so happy I am not in the dorms. Don't get me wrong, I did like the dorms when I was there. However, today Cari (oh so foolishly) clicked on a link in a random IM sent to her. Sure enough, it wasn't really a picture of her that someone found; it was a virus! Now normally I wouldn't be too afraid, an IM virus can't be that dangerous, and sure enough, one reboot-into-safe-mode-and-scan later, as well as a system restore just for good measures, the computer showed no signs of illness. As soon as she got the virus, resnet made her try to log back in (not sure why or how it knew to make her do it) but when she did she was told her computer was 'infected' and she should fix it. Of course, they don't let you access the internet, so you need to fix it via other means.

Luckily, we were able to fix it, and so we optimistically logged back into resnet, smuggly celebrating our superiority to the virus that tried to '…

Last Day of Work

Today is my last day of work. And to clarify, that means I will be dropping off the computer I've been using, and that is all. So I am done for the summer, which means I am very happy. Now just a week and a half and I start school, which I am actually looking forward to. It should be a good year.

I recently bought my books for school on, and it was a very pleasant operation. It was very easy to find the books I needed, and the prices really were at least half off what they were listed at. Yay for books bought from anywhere BUT the university bookstore.


I had a job at United Rentals lined up for this summer. A friend of mine worked there, and it would have been a lot of fun. Then that job fell through, so I was desperate for work. That prompted me to return to my last summer's job, which I wasn't too happy about at first. Then I got a raise and started doing really interesting work, which made the job very worthwhile. I worked all of June, which was fine with me. I actually didn't mind going to work everyday. Then my boss left for the west coast to do a start-up. He was supposed to be gone a couple of weeks, but he ran into troubles and was gone for five weeks. I didn't work at all during those five weeks. It was a very nice vacation, just sitting around having fun and enjoying the summer. Now he is back, and I am working again.

I don't want to be working. That five week vacation killed my work ethic, and now I just don't want to work. I am burnt out. I want to be done! I would just quit now, bu…

First Post...

Is never very exciting, is it?