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LG DR787T in the trash

Update! I have upload the firmware files on FileDen (never used it before, someone suggested it though - thanks Alex!). The firmware can be found at: Happy downloading, and I hope your player has a longer life than mine!

For those following the LG DR787Tsaga, I have recently thrown my unit away. It wouldn't read anything, so I decided to go buy a $30 DVD player (which, by the way, is working wonderfully).

Yes, I still have the firmware files. For those of you who want to try to fix your units and need the files, feel free to send me an email. I am thinking about uploading them to a free hosting site somewhere, but unless the demand increases it just wouldn't be worth the time to set it up. I have set up an account, see the above update for a link!

It amazes me that a DVD player would work one day, and the next day stop working. Why? Poor manufacturing? Bad luck? My dog peed on it without me noticing?

I tried t…