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Last Day of Work

Today is my last day of work. And to clarify, that means I will be dropping off the computer I've been using, and that is all. So I am done for the summer, which means I am very happy. Now just a week and a half and I start school, which I am actually looking forward to. It should be a good year.

I recently bought my books for school on, and it was a very pleasant operation. It was very easy to find the books I needed, and the prices really were at least half off what they were listed at. Yay for books bought from anywhere BUT the university bookstore.


I had a job at United Rentals lined up for this summer. A friend of mine worked there, and it would have been a lot of fun. Then that job fell through, so I was desperate for work. That prompted me to return to my last summer's job, which I wasn't too happy about at first. Then I got a raise and started doing really interesting work, which made the job very worthwhile. I worked all of June, which was fine with me. I actually didn't mind going to work everyday. Then my boss left for the west coast to do a start-up. He was supposed to be gone a couple of weeks, but he ran into troubles and was gone for five weeks. I didn't work at all during those five weeks. It was a very nice vacation, just sitting around having fun and enjoying the summer. Now he is back, and I am working again.

I don't want to be working. That five week vacation killed my work ethic, and now I just don't want to work. I am burnt out. I want to be done! I would just quit now, bu…

First Post...

Is never very exciting, is it?