UPDATE: I found a solution to this problem

So I talk to an LG representative today about my new (new-to-me) LG DR787T DVD recorder. I just got it (for only $20 on ebay, what a steal!) and was going to test it out by watching The Dark Knight.
Pop in the disc, and it doesn't work. Won't load. I look around, and it seems other people are having similar issues, so I decide to do my civic duty and let LG know they have a problem to deal with.

: Hello Matt Kokotovich. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?

Matt Kokotovich: I have the LG DR787t and it won't play The Dark Knight DVD. Are you aware of this issue and is there a fix being planned?
(long gap here)
Matt Kokotovich: Hello?
Bria: I would like to please place you on a brief hold while I research that for you, will that be alright?
Matt Kokotovich: Sure, thanks
Bria: Hello....yes one moment
Bria: Thank you for holding. Are you playing blu ray or HD in the player?

(I believe I already meantioned that it won't play the DVD. And since it is a DVD player, not a blu ray player, I would assume that most people watch DVDs on it. And what exactly do you mean by "am I playing HD in the player"? Like HD-DVD, that dead, forgotten about standard that The Dark Knight wasn't even released on?)

Bria: If so, this unit will not play either
Matt Kokotovich
: I have the DVD

Matt Kokotovich: The DVD works in other DVD players
Bria: Is it blu ray? HD? Or standard?


Matt Kokotovich: Just a standard DVD.
Bria: Have you tried cleaning the player?
Matt Kokotovich: The player plays other disks fine
Matt Kokotovich: But no, I haven't tried
Matt Kokotovich: I've read other people online have the same issue as I do. This model DVD player seems to have troubles with the copy-protection scheme used on the Dark Knight DVD
Bria: You can purchase lens cleaner generally used for cd players.
Bria: Is the dvd a rental?
Matt Kokotovich: I was wondering if you were aware of this issue and if a fix was being prepared
Matt Kokotovich: No, I own the DVD
Matt Kokotovich: It is in great shape
Bria: Ok
Bria: One moment
Bria: This unit should not have an issue with playing copy protected dvd's and there is not a known issue with the black knight.

Goodness gracious! If you don't even know what the movie I'm trying to watch is called, how can you know if there is a known issue with it?

The convo went on a while longer, and eventually she told me she would forward my concerns to "the appropriate person(s)".

Anyone else having issues with The Dark Knight (or any other DVD, for that matter) on the LG DR787T?


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